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My name is Ben Diaz and this is my travel blog. In spring 1980 I saw the first day light. Okay let me say, the light of a hospital in the state Baden-Württemberg of Germany. I was born there a little earlier than expected. Even then I obviously couldn’t wait and wanted to quickly discover the big wide world. At the age of four years, I went on my first travel with my parents. Since then I have made several trips to Europe, Asia, America and Africa. My first travel was to Europe and we lodged at nice family hotels. Later, little by little, we traveled to exotic countries and more and more personalized and adventurous.

That’s what here on travelCAP.de:

  1. Travel Slow – Travel with depth
  2. build local Independent Business – Setting up business abroad

1. Slow Travel – Travel with depth

A German abroad. Based on years of travel experience I have become a bit tired fast trips. I still love to travel. But the way of traveling has changed somewhat. Routine and everyday life are a horror to me. Variety, however, is always welcome. Between 2000 and 2010, the European low cost flight industry established with carriers like Ryanair, Airberlin and Eurowings. The travel was cheap. Even the discounter Aldi has entered the market with cheap flights. So it was worth it even to travel over the weekend. That was exactly what I did with my ex-boyfriend. It was an awesome time. But to fly constantly for only some days, rush through the city, do sightseeing, do partying and hurry back again, is simply not the best way to travel. After the hundredth statue and the bicentennial tower, traveling is no longer fun.

Variety is great, but even the variety can become a routine.

More depth, that is what I’m looking for now in my travel. But how do you get more depth in your travel? To stay longer at one place and not only for some few days or weeks. Then you really learn to know the people, understand their history and do not only scratch the surface. This is what makes travel excited for me from today. Traveling slowly. Traveling with depth.

On travelcap.de I want to offer you quality instead of quantity. Fewer countries, for more detailed information for you and therefore more quality. Informations which can not be provided by a fast rabbit with its two-week stay.

2. Building a locally independent business – Setting up business abroad

By 2016, I was part of the family business of my parents. Until then I had built up and ran a German online store for fresh food. That is one of the most successful in its sector. With an upward trend until today. But the company now has given externally to someone else. This decision wasn’t easy for us at all. It was a process over several years and has very sapped our nerves. On the one hand, the company was our all livelihoods, that we put a lot of passion inside. On the other hand, it has prevented us to live our lives and to realize ourselves. This step was also so difficult because it was turning our lives extremely upside down. But the advantage was clear. We were finally able to follow our hearts. Specifically, for me, this means I can travel. Specifically, this means as well, I have to create me a new livelihood. This is on one hand a challenge but on the other hand also extremely exciting. And what would life be without challenges. Exactly – boring.

In addition to the to my travel reports, this will be another important chapter of my travel blog. How do I make my livelihood. The best anywhere. How do I find the right idea. How do I establish my own business. How do I invest my time and my money the most useful. How do I do it successfully. Who can help me. All these questions have occupied myself partly and will keep me busy in the future. Who knows, maybe I can answer some of your questions so.

I am very excited. Curious about everything that will come to me in the future. Sure, it won’t be easy. Yet I don’t know if it was the right decision to give the company away. So I hope I will find my way. Therefore, please wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed or as we say in German “press your thumbs” for me!!!

Ben Diaz – travelcap.de