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Ghana Visa Application Germany – How do I do it?

Startseite Visum Antrag.

GHANA VISA APPLICATION Germany – BUT HOW? 2014 was my first travel to Ghana. That time the visa Application was ALMOST totally OFFLINE. means you could find the GHANA Visa Form at the Ghana EMBASSY BERLIN WEBSITE. there you DOWNLOADED the form, PRINTED it, filled it out by hand, copied it 3 TIMES, glued 4 PHOTOS on it AND then sent it to BERLIN. BUT the GHANA EMBASSY BERLIN OPTIMIZED the whole Ghana Visa Application process some time ago. So today the GHANA VISA application Germany has to be done online.

Nice, you may think now. Unfortunately, the whole process for the Ghana Visa Application Germany is harder than you initially thought. The individual steps are not always self-explanatory. Who is not familiar with the internet can quickly despair of the various hurdles. So I want to offer my support here in the form of an step-by-step Ghana visa guide.

Note that I am not responsible for the accuracy of the following instructions. I also have no influence on the decisions of the Ghana Embassy Berlin. The Ghana visa guide therefore is no guarantee of the outcome of a possible application. It merely provides assistance for the visa. If something with the process of the Ghana Visa Application Germany has changed or if something is missing, then please feel free to send a comments.

Note: A Ghana Visa on Arrival at the airports in Ghana is not offered. That is why the Ghana Visa Application online is mandatory in advance!

Ghana Visa Application Germany

Incidentally, the Ghana Embassy Berlin is responsible for the following countries. So the following Ghana Visa Guide is for everybody from:

  • Estonia
  • Germany
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Poland

Ghana Visa Austria & Ghana Visa Switzerland

For Austria and Switzerland the Ghana Embassy Bern in Switzerland is responsible. The Ghana Visa Form Austria as well as the Ghana Visa Form Switzerland is currently being offered for download. The whole Ghana Visa Application process is therefore completely different from that of Ghana Embassy Berlin. The relevant information, such as cost, required documents and the Ghana Visa Form download for Austria and Switzerland is available at the following link:

Ghana Visum Austria / Switzerland: hier

Ghana Embassy Berlin

You can find the address and the contact details at the website of the the Ghana Embassy Berlin.  To start the Ghana Visa Application process please click here. Here you can start applying for your Visa.

Experiences Ghana Embassy Berlin
My sendet email unfortunately didn’t receive any response. It is also very difficult to reach someone at the phone of the Ghana Embassy Berlin. Competent persons can be reached often only by a dialing number. That you can get from the reception, in case you can reach them. My recommendation: Do not call them. Simply follow the steps of my Visa guide. The visa is granted in most cases.

Ghana visa time

I only can recommend you to plan a bit more time in advance. Although it is possible to get it in a short time, but causes a lot of stress. Especially when you first need to get your vaccinations. Moreover the Ghana Embassy Berlin obviously needs some days to process. This is specified by the German “Auswärtiges Amt” (Foreign Office) with 10 days. My visa was actually issued exactly within 10 days. In addition, you need to include the time to ship your required documents to Berlin. Overall I would say the whole Ghana Visa time takes 14 days. If you calculate the same time as buffers, you should apply at least one month before entering Ghana. In addition you add the time required for the vaccinations. Depending on which vaccinations you need the minimum level is about 1 to 5 weeks.


  • 1-5 weeks for vaccinations
  • 2 weeks Ghana visa time
  • 2 weeks buffer time

For quite spontaneous ones the Ghana Embassy Berlin also offers an express visa. This is extra charged, but requires only 3 instead of 10 days processing time. Thus is saving approximately one week.

Ghana Visa time total: Depending on the vaccination and the visa alternative, you will need AT LEAST 1 – 2 month for the Ghana Visa Application Germany before to travel to Ghana. The sooner the less stress.

Ghana Visa Application Guide

1. compile a dossier for the Ghana Visa Application

The following documents you need for a Ghana Visa Application Germany. I would recommend you to download the Checklist Ghana Visa Application. After downloading you work it line by line. For the online application you need all copies as a PDF too for uploading. Other formats are not accepted.

  • passport (at arrival valid for min. 6 months).
  • applicants under 18 need permission from both parents and their passport copies.
  • applicants residing in Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania or Poland, but do not possess the appropriate nationality, must submit their registration in the country as a copy.
  • copy of the passport page with the biodata.
  • copy of the return or onward air tickets.
  • copy of the hotel booking.
  • copy proof of financial travel agent: bank statement or pay slip.
  • copy of the corresponding entry of the yellow fever vaccine in the vaccination card.
  • 2 A5 envelopes
  • proof of payment of Ghana Visa Fees (after completion of the online application!)
  • passport photo (Note: Special requirements as following:)
    • face is using 80% of the image cover
    • no sunglasses or headgear
    • background must be white
    • photo not older than 6 months
    • photo must be biometrically
    • photo must be borderless
    • photo must be digital and comply with the following technical requirements:
      • Dimensions: must be a SQUARE (height = width).
      • at least 600 x 600 but maximum of 1200 x 1200 pixels
      • Color: 24 bits per pixel in the sRGB color space
      • File format: JPG, PNG or GIF
      • Size: maximum of 1.5 MB
      • Image compression of up to 20: 1
  Amedzofe in Ghana - a city close to heaven

The passport photo is particularly tricky. It’s best to go with the requirements to your photographer. Mine did it without any problems. Of particular importance are the unusual dimensions, the size and the file format. The dimensions were new even to my photographer. Normally passport photos are not square. This point is very important if you do a Ghana Visa Application. Passport photos that are not complying with the technical dimensions won’t be accepted during the online application. Let the photographer send you the picture via email or save to a data carrier. Then nothing can go wrong and you easily upload it during the online application.

If you are invited by a person or an institution from Ghana you need also:

  • Written invitation of the owner or the institution in Ghana.
  • Passport copy of the host in Ghana;
  • If the host isn’t Ghanaian, passport copy and proof of residence.
  • Phone contact details of caregivers in Ghana.

In addition, the following documents are also listed on their website:

  • Certificate of employment from the present employer or educational institution.
  • For self-employed: business registration.

According to the Ghana Embassy Bern (not Berlin) is the proof of employment or business license only required for a business visa. I am pretty sure that this also applies to visa applications through the Ghana Embassy Berlin. Currently I am taking a sabbatical. Accordingly, I could not provide the appropriate proof. My tourist visa was still approved. So this confirms my suspicions.

2. Ghana Visa Application Germany online

Below you will find an illustrated step-by-step Ghana Visa Guide how to manage the online application. To get further detailed information about the entire online process click the pictures. At every single Picture you will find my advisory. This information will help you to cope better with the various obstacles.

To start the Ghana Visa Application please click here.

3. Print the Ghana Visa Form and Sign it

After you have gone through all the steps above and have then clicked on “Printed copy of the completed Visa Application Form”, you may now hold the completed Ghana Visa Form in your hands. To be sure control your datas once more and whether the application has also printed correctly. Then you still have to sign the application provided with the current date. Of course, the signature of your passport must match.

4. Ghana Visa Fees

Once you successfully completed and submitted the Ghana visa application form online you will see a confirmation page. Unfortunately on this page you only will be asked to pay the amount. But they don’t tell you the necessary datas for it on this site.

Therefore I thought about to provide those datas here. But in case those datas change one day you will run into a problem. So I recommend you better to have a look at “VISA REQUIREMENTS AND COMPLETION OF ONLINE APPLICATION FORM TERMS & CONDITIONS”. There you will find the actual bank datas to pay the fees. The Terms & Conditions can be found at the beginning at the application process, without filling out anything.

  My first tourist attraction close to Accra: Aburi Botanical Gardens

As intended purpose fill in the Visa reference number and your full name (Example: VS2016XXXXXXDEMaxMustermann). After you have transferred the money for your Ghana visa fees, you need to copy or print the receipt for your documents.

Please also note that the fees for each Ghana Visa Application must be paid separately. Batch transfers for multiple applications will not be accepted.

Comment: Since my last visit, the Ghana visa fees did increase dramatically. Back then in 2014 I had paid about 60 euros for the single entry visa. Even shortly before my current trip to Ghana 2016, the Ghana visa fees were still at 60 euros. A few weeks later, the embassy has raised the Ghana Visa fees by almost 100% to 110 euros. Here is an overview of visa fees. You learn more about the current Ghana Visa fees during the online application. This may be different from the costs shown here.

Ghana visa fees

  • Single Entry € 110.00 (€ 160.00) * (up to 3 months)
  • Multi Entry € 180.00 (€ 230.00) * (3 months)
  • Multi Entry € 260.00 (€ 310.00) * (6 months)
  • Multi Entry € 360.00 (€ 410.00) * (12 months)
  • Transit Single € 90.00 (€ 120.00) *
  • Transit Multi € 120.00 (€ 160.00) *

* Cost of a Ghana Express Visa

Please note that I cannot guarantee the actuality of prices.

5. Send the required documents and the Ghana Visa Form

Take a DIN A5 envelope and pack the following things into it:

  • passport
  • printed record Ghana visa form
  • copy of the payment of visa fees.
  • copies of other documents
  • DHL Express stamped envelope (best DIN A5 folded)

As delivery the Ghana Embassy in Berlin recommends DHL Express. Also for the return they recommends DHL Express with prepaid return envelope. In two different offices of the German Post I was unfortunately told that you could not buy prepaid DHL Express products. Therefore, I have sent it via “Einschreiben” with the German Post. This has worked for me. Unfortunately, in case of loss with this product items are only insured up to 25 euros. But a passport costs definitely more. At least you can track your shipping with this product.

On the website of DHL Express I have however discovered the following product today: DHL EXPRESS EASY PREPAID NATIONAL. This product has the following characteristics and should therefore work:

  • delivered within 24 hours
  • insured up to 500 Euro
  • prepaid and ready to ship
  • cost about 10 to 12 Euros per consignment within Germany

The dispatch of several applications in one envelope is possible. For the return shipping, I would recommend to use separate envelopes. Just in case that every application will be proceed by different persons.

Those who like it personally, can even bring the Ghana Visa Form to the Ghana Embassy Berlin. Equally of course you receive the visa there yourself again. Then without the shipping costs of course.

6. tracking of your Ghana Visa Application Status online

The great thing about the new online procedure is that you will always be kept up to date. you will receive usually three standard automated emails:

  1. Email: When your online application has been successfully submitted.
  2. Email: After the Embassy of Ghana Berlin received all the required documents.
  3. Email: Confirmation whether the request was accepted or rejected. From this point, the passport can be picked up in person there. In the case of the postal way your passport will then be shipped and soon reach your mailbox.

If you are unsure you can track your Ghana visa application status online. Just login on the Ghana Visa Application website for your status. There instead of “Visa Application”, you click on “Application Tracking”

Done! If you’ve made it up to this point then most probably they will accept your Ghana Visa Application. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

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  1. I love you man! I felt so very uncertain with the description on embassy website. We also had travelled to Ghana in 2014. It was much easier to understand the visa requirements. Now I’m preparing all needed documents. Finders crossed!
    A few words about method of payment.
    In the Application form I found the information with short accounts number and without international bank codes…. and I was pretty confused… do not understand how I can do that payment from Poland where I live.
    Completely different information you can find in “Mode of payment” under the button “Apply now”. That information is useful.
    Once more thank you for your help and that website !!! 🙂

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